HPE ProLiant Gen 10 Servers

HPE ProLiant Gen 10 Servers

19 de Diciembre del 2018

To maintain competitiveness, companies seek solutions that allow them to modernize their infrastructures. IT departments need agility to deliver results and the ability to protect their digital assets, all without losing sight of the quality / price ratio.

For companies seeking to accelerate the collection of commercial information in all areas of a hybrid world that includes traditional IT elements, as well as public and private cloud resources, the new generation of servers can be the key to success. And, speaking of a new generation, HPE is setting an example with its Gen10 servers, the safest standard servers in the market.

Why are customers going to switch to Gen10?
Companies need to optimize their agility to always offer the best results. With HPE Gen10 servers, it is easier and faster to adapt IT resources to the changing needs of the market with Intelligent System Tuning, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory and advances in servers, networks and storage.

In addition, Gen10 servers offer the level of security needed to protect digital assets. Exclusive security features, integrated in the main circuits of the motherboard, offer the most advanced technology for protection and recovery of firmware and malware detection.

Finally, Gen10 servers offer customers more control over their finances and results. Now, companies can only pay for the server resources they use and adapt and scale them according to the demand, without hiring excessive capacities or incurring costs that can not be assumed. Flexible payment models can be adapted to commercial results and scaled according to the unpredictable needs of the future.